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Cad To C4d


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Hi folks,

I have a gig finally, I think. It is an architectural presentation for a proposal to build a new church in my area. I have AutoCAD plans which helps, but I don't have and probably won't have for this project a copy of AutoCAD. I compromised and got a copy of TurboCAD Deluxe v12. I can open the plans, play with them a bit, but I am having a heck of a time saving wall lines, for example, in to a dxf file that I can then import into Cinema. I think it might be due to layers, but I am still on quite steep learning curve with Auto/TurboCAD. I suppose I could take a snap shot of the application and use that in the view port to get a reference image, but I thought having the actual geometry in some form would be much faster. Anyone have any advise where to or what to look for in getting CAD drawings into Cinema? Thanks...


PS: It occured to me that I didn't share my results thus far. I can export to 3ds, which creates individual lines. One plan imported into Cinema with over 63,000 line poly objects. Not exceptable. The other export was to dxf, but on import it looked nothing like the drawing. What I saw was what looked like anchor points of the wall structure.

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Up until Jan of last year I used Turbocad 50 hrs a week at work for about 8 years. I got to know the programme inside out.

I also have Turbocad Professional V10 at home if you need any help ;)

The only way I could get the lines out of Turbocad was to save them as EPS then import into illustrator and then import as splines into Cinema.

I have not succesfully ever been able to import a dxf file straight out even though cinema can open that type of file. I would dearly love to know how to do it if you can for producing exact shapes and sizes etc.

Anyway enough ramblings

Hope this helps


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ROFL! I had you specifically in mind Steve when I started this thread. I thought surly you would be the person to know. ;) I'll try the EPS trick and see if that works. Being a hobbiest mostly, I don't really have the resources to have say Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier and other pricey applications that would otherwise be in a artists toolset. One of the reasons I am reaching out for some gigs...


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Yeah I'm a bit stuck myself as I no longer have access to illustrator. I have the adobe video suite that has photoshop cs2 with it but no illustrator.

When ever I import a dxf file into cinema all I get is one triangular polygon :(

Do you get the same thing.


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This is exactly what I get, a triangle in what appears to be every right angle where the walls meet. Very strange. In TC I can't seem to get the drawing entities to separate from what appears to be a Viewport. When I try and select the wall-lines layer I get everything in the viewport. ???


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TC has options for dxf AutoCad 2005/2000 and R14 formats. Other options are:

Percision: 6 decimal places (maybe this it is?)

Rendered Viewports as Images

Rewrite imbedded images (none)

Group as blocks


Explode text

I tried most of these with the exception of the first one. I'll try it and report back...


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Ah, from R10s help system I discovered that Cinema will support DXF export from AutoCAD up to and including R12! How old is that? I think we need an update to this. The minimum I can save to is R14 in TC...

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