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Free Ivy Generator


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Not having much luck getting this to work..

The highest resolution my monitor will support in 1024 x 768 so it seems like I can't see all the controls..

Can someone please confirm this?

This is what I see after importing a sphere or cylinder ..(tried different scale options in Riptide but doesin't seem to make any difference..

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You have to drag with your right mouse button to zoom out.

And before you export your object from C4D, you need to triangulate the mesh.

In the enclosed readme file you can read all the camera controls.

The imported objects are there only to grow the plants on.

When you export the plants mesh, the original object (sphere in your case) won't be exported.


Rich_Art. ;)

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Thank you ! Got it working now.. Cool little app..

Here's my 1st attempt..

Quite pleased with it but need to find a more optimised setting as the obj is 110MB!

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Guest AlanBell

cheers Rich_Art

Mac version -ace ace ace

you have got to love fractals.

One question though how do I export an .obj or model from cinema -is that something to do with Riptide ?

Wavefront is the obj format.


Alan Bell

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