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Uk Mac Users Take A Look At This

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  • No it's not just another operating system. Try selling your computer and try installing XP on your new one and see how far you get. You bought XP? No, you didn't.

    It doesn't do what you want it to. That is the whole point of this thread, The BBC want to stop you saving stuff you download from their web site. Microsoft and not you will delete it from your computer. You will have no say in the matter. OS-X and Linux don't have that sort of "ring home" control, so they won't be allowed to access the content.

    It is nice, Steve, to hear from someone who cuts through the hysteria and over-reactions and comes up with an intelligent and measured point of view.

    What is wrong with you, guys? This was only a suggestion that you sign a petition. It is a simple 'okay I will' or 'no way' situation.

    And, btw, who is a moaning Mac user here? However, I have to say that this is discrimination and the discriminated against have a certain right to express their dissatisfaction.

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    thought i'd bring you a bit more 'insider' info on this..

    just got back in from working another corporate gig,this time for (PRS)PPL/VPL

    thats the people in the uk who collect money from TV/radio stations,pubs,clubs etc for playing music+videos and in turn pass on money to the artist-you get the picture

    Anyway,large part of the conference was dedicated to Digital Rights Managment and licensing

    Pretty much them wondering how on earth they were going to cope with the growth of 'new media'

    The guest speaker was the head of Rights managment for the BBC.........

    I couldn't resist laugh.gif and cornered him,asking him what they thought they were doing going with the microsoft only DRM format

    Part of the beebs mission+job,touched on in his speech is to provide us(and thats all of us not just microsoft users)license payers,access to the content that has been made with our money,the whole public service aspect of the beeb <_<

    From a Mac point of view he agreed with me that,even considering all the reseach and results showing how important the 'i-pod generation' are to the BBC,Nobody will able to watch these clips on their i-pod

    Their own research,graphs of which i've seen alot of in the last few gigs-show how important content on i-pods/PSP+mobile phones is for the future-as well the internet of course

    which is another major mistake-mobiles? what is gonna happen there

    Maybe this should have gone into the Vista thread as well,the DRM thing seems to be taking over,

    I had him admit by the end of our chat,that they were fighting a losing battle with DRM

    The only way it can work the way they want,is 'if' someone makes a format that is truly cross platform and unhackable-thats never gonna happen-

    and then of course,you've got the PVR's(personal video recorders)a hard drive connected to you telly basically..what exactly happens to that as far as DRM is concerned?so i can download a clip that won't play on my computer/i-pod/mobile etc. but i can record it off any number of digital(BBC full of repeats :P )channels or get a TV card for the computer and record it that way

    Anyway, the point is you can't control content this way

    :unsure: sorry rant over...

    Mala ;)

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  • Thank you for all that amazing inside info, Mala. And for making a stand for Mac users.

    When I originally posted this thread I considered mentioning DRM because it is, as you say, at the core of this issue. But, quite frankly, I felt that if thinking about DRM made everyone's head hurt as much as mine I wouldn't be doing anyone any favours. Whilst I go with Steve Jobs so far as DRM goes, I also understand that media producers deserve a fair reward for use of their product. And, just how do you resolve that one?

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    Hear! Hear! I will never, ever under any circumstances ever use a PC with a Windows environment installed unless there is no other option.

    PCs are cheaper than Macs because they're awful machines with a ###### OS. We spend more on Macs not because we're rich but because we prefere superior equipment to work on. Would a man who could afford to buy a Mercedes spend his money on a Skoda? Nah, didn't think so.

    As Windows users of little vision might have gathered from reading this thread there are one or two of us who DO use Macs. And I, for one, am not going to be suckered into using anything produced by Microsoft unless I absolutely have to.

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