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Can't Enter The Max Frames In The Animation Palette.


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Hi All,

I don't know if it is me, but I can't set a value in the animation palette.

I can set it in the project settings, or I can use the mouse to move the dialer.

But I can't double click in the max frames box to type a value manually.

Is this a bug?? or is this not possible anymore?


Rich_Art. ;)

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That is strange, I'm on a PC too, but the double click does nothing.

I can right click and choose copy, paste and that kind of things, but I can't enter a value with the keyboard.



Rich_Art. ;)

PS: when I undock the palette, it works as it should work. Now that is strange isn't it??

Edit2: I now have the palette docked above the timeline and now it works. Beats me why it wont work if the animation palette is below the timeline. I'm going to be mad I think.

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Highlight, double-click and scroller all work fine here with palette in default position below timeline. (Mac.)

Maybe try dragging main prefs file to the desktop and a relaunch.

Cheers, Alan.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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