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I'm Fandangled Out

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  • Hi,

    For sometime now I've been trying to come up with a lighting grid that is flexible enough to handle some 50 odd building system models that I have developed that are going to print.

    These models primarily contain plasterboard with a mixture of timber framing, metal framing and blockwork.

    It is important for the colours of the plasterboard to appear consistent across their respective models as their colour is the key to whether the board is standard core, acoustic or fire-rated etc. If the lighting is too bright, then a std core board may appear like an acoustic board, similarly, if s std core board is too dark it may appear like a fire rated board. I am endeavouring to have the colours of the boards consistant over their whole surface, irrespective of where they may appear in the model.

    The problems I'm having are:

    - if I set a model up for a timber frame and swap the timber for a metal frame - the metal looks flat. If I adjust the lighting to bring out the metal - I run the risk of changing how the colour of the plasterboard appears. The same problem repeats if I introduce blockwork or other materials. Across all these models I want the common elements to appear the same in each, be they plasterboard, timber frame or blockwork.

    - to try and overcome this I have set up a generic scene light and added in specific lights for each component that can be switched on or off depending on whether they are in the scene or not.

    - what happens then is they scene starts to stop working together as a whole as the shadows no longer interact.

    - I also need to keep the front ends of the blocks from becoming too dark as they fill in to black when printed) while maintaining a credible edge to the lighter side face of the block. Also need to make sure the metal or plasterboard core does not 'blow out'.

    I'm sure there's lots of lighting gurus out there and would appreciate if someone could offer some advice on the best way to go with this or hopefully have a crack at lighting the model I've attached. I can upload more if needed.



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