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Pfhoe Pro - Match Moving

Guest MisledMedia

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Guest MisledMedia

I'm getting GREAT 3D tracking using PFHoe Pro 2.0, but I'm stuck with an odd problem once I open the Lightwave file in C4D. FYI: PFHoe only supports Cinema4D through the use of the Lightwave export. Once I open the file in C4D all my tracking points along with the corresponding camera are in place. I then make a Background and add a material that includes my original source footage. However, once the background is in place my tracking points do not align to the background plate. They are CLOSE--- very close, but off enough to become very annoying. I can't seem to figure out how to remedy this!

I have narrowed it down to 1 possible problem....

My source footage was shot on a Panasonic HVX200-- 720/24P. The lightwave import file sets up the C4D project at 23fps. Now, this might be the problem. DVCPRO HD 24P is really 23.98fps. Cinema4D seems to only support full frames, so it is either 23fps or 24fps..... nothing in between. When I change the frame rate of the material (that has the background source footage) and the project settings to either 23fps or 24fps I notice that my points shift slighlty in relation the background plate. Could the problem be based around the limition of C4D not being set at 23.98?

I have also tried to put the camera and point data into a null object to slightly shift it around, but that doesn't do the trick.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm so close to getting a cool personal project completed, but this issue is killing me right now! Any tips, tricks, or ideas how to remedy this problem?


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Guest MisledMedia

I might have just solved the problem..... I just did some minor tweaks to my camera (film offset and focal length) and I achieved a much better match move!

Any one know about the frame rate issue though?

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I'll have to give pfhoe a try. Ive never used it before.

In Boujou, you can set up the camera information, (focal length, frame rate, etc) before you track the plate. As far as I can remember, ive never had a problem like you are describing. Boujou gives the frame rate options for both 23.9 and 24.

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I'm not sure if this is this most relevant of places but since you seem to have knowledge of how to use Boujou I was just wondering if you could please help me with my slight problem.... I've camera tracked a scene in boujou the points that I export to C4D seem to be accurate however when I export into C4D the grid "flies around" the points sort of stay in the same place but they also at times feel the need to fly around... I'm fairly certain that its not a problem with frame rate... I have it set to 24fps in Boujou and the imported video in C4D is just a background with a material with a feed of images in the Luminance channel... the images are the broken down video that has been tracked (broken down in virtual dub with an export frame rate of 24fps)... I have a JVC Everio 60gb 1080i HD camera... but I don't s'ppose that matters if I'm setting the frame rate in virtual dub... it would really help me out if you had any suggestions

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