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Ok, i may of asked this before, but im in serious need of help.

I dont have mocca, I dont have money, I wont buy anything.

How can i make clothing. I need to make pants and a shirt and some jackets for some characters, and i dont really wanna model the character as if it has cloth.

So whats the best way to create clothing. Any tutorials?

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Well what does your chracter look like ? you could just model the cloths...as for tuts..there was a 3dmax site out there where A guy model a girl with cloths...I can't find the link rt now sorry..

anyone else....???

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well heres the start of it. (started today) Going for this 3D and yet cartoony look.

Friends and i got together and gonna make a little show with these guys lol.

So far 3D

Drawing concept

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Guest shawnfoster

select poly's where clothes will be an extrude them slightly.. then do a set selection and change the texture on the clothes.. thats my thoughts...

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, I tried it, but it didnt quit work for me....

I wanna see if i can have the cloth seperate. or make it more realistic and yet still cartoony.

P.S. I saw you application on Empire Game Studios. Donno why lance hasn't seen it yet, but just keep checking.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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