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The Gallery Again

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  • Some of the more 'professional' random Gallery images that pop up on the Home page have piqued my interest enough to nose about in the members gallery and I'm now wondering, are there any rules about posting there?

    For example, I presume it is a matter of trust that the rendered scenes were built in C4D for I see user names in there that I don't recognise and a search on the name produces zero results. So that person is not posting WIP's or asking questions or giving of their undoubted expertise. They are contributing nothing to the Cafe by way of comment, insight or opinion other than a finished Gallery picture and that might be construed as the Cafe contributing to the member rather than the other way round. And there are Gallery posts by members with no name at all! Bizarre.

    There's also one member in there posting images and asking for comments on how to improve! The WIP forum would be more appropriate, surely. He might even attract more comment and advice.

    Then there are the Poser images. Poser by name, poser by nature, I guess. Maybe Poser has no native render engine so they have to parasite these smoldering fantasies on to other 3D hosts to get the render, I don't know. That the back drop is a C4D plane primitive with a texture hardly legitimises it as a C4D model, in my opinion.

    Sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant. It's inspiring to see quality work but on a Cinema4D dedicated site I would like to be certain that what I'm looking at has really come out of Cinema4D. I also don't much care for the fact that some users appear to be giving nothing back.


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    Guest dataflow

    i think it would be really hard to know what app a image was produced in.

    and i havent really looked but i dont think there is any real about what images you post or if you have to contribute to cafe before posting images.

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    Guest john_trueblue

    SKP, i hear what you are saying and i agree.

    I too wonder about some of the images in the Cafes gallery, specialy when there is one that states made in Max and rendered in C4D.

    I know the majority of the images in the gallery have been done in Cinema but it is annoying (for me) seeing like you say poser images.

    dont have anything against poser as a program but to pose and render and say that its made in C4D isnt right.

    nothing against the artist in general, this is just an EG: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?autom...=si&img=519

    now why wasnt this posted into a Painter forum.

    C4D Cafe is for Cinema 4D, not poser or any other 3D modeling engines, they have there own forums.


    probably be slapped on the hand now laugh.gif

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