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can anyone give me a crash course on fur and hair?

im trying to make the type in this scene file furry, quite similar to the monster inc guy......

it has to be pink fur and need to read the type still, ive never had much problem using hair...just seems to go weird with type

i cant get it to work.....do i need to sub divide the type more? whatever i try goes weird...

would appreciate any help!! its midnight and i wanna go home..... :(


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first you need to made your object editable then add hair

yeah i got that far....just left the scene file that way incase someone had a better way of subdividing it...

have tried the spline in aloft nurbs now and it divides better....just the furs really patchy

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If i were you and you wanted to make all the letters have fur, make all the letters separate,

unless you have mammoth machine to play on :)

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mograph and hair

heres a link here in the cafe for hair. its in the tutorial section

chhers for the tips, will try the letters seperatley, that may work better.....gonna try now

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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