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Beowulf Trailer

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  • Apple has put up the trailer for the Beowulf animated movie. The level of realism in the characters is amazing!!!


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    Guest xogg


    That is absolutely amazing!

    I really liked the idea of converting real actors to 3D models. I don't think I've seen this before in any 3D movie.

    Looks really good.

    Thanks for sharing it with us Rolando... really worth seeing.



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    Guest shilts

    That's looking really good. A few friends of mine are working in the film industry and are normally harsh critics, but even they are raving about the potential of this film. "Because of the cast and the strong story".

    Lookin' promising

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    I saw a thread about this on polycount and watched the movie trailer a while ago. It is quite impressive but I think the biggest challenge looks like getting the animation to look natural because the characters already look quite real. Also in the trailer theres alot of inconsistency in quality between the different scenes, especially the brief scenes with archers and warriors fighting just looks like an old age of empires 2 style movie.

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