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Animating Transparency


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I have a layer of text superimposed over another texture on an object. Works fine, but i need to fade it out.... making the text invisible. What value would I keyframe in order to do this?

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The visibility of an object can be keyframed. To the left of "Visible in Renderer" is a little circle. Cntl-click it and it turns red which means you have created an animation track and set a keyframe. Go to the point in the timeline where you want the text to start fading and Cntl-click it again. Proceed to where it must be invisible and set "Visible..." to Off (the default is on).

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Guest StructAural

You should be able to keyframe values in the texture dialog box. For instance with Colour you can bring the Brightness down over time (alt click the little circle next to Brightness - change frame, change brightness and alt click again the circle). You can do the same with most other things.

Hope this helps.

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Guest mAssimo

I animate the material's visibility with the Alpha property, using Colour under Texture and setting keyframes i.e. from White (visible) to Black (invisible). Hope it helps...

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Thanks guys.... unfortunately, that's not working either.... Let me give you the set up.

I have a floor object, on the bottom most layer, plain white material. On the layer above that, a material with jpegs for color and alpha. The effect is a decal of text. When I put a transparency channel on it, and make it so that it becomes invisible in the viewport and in the material editor, all it does in the image is turn black, basically making a hole in the other material.

Any suggestions?

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