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Futurama Text?

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  • I do not have a ton of experience modeling in C4D but I do know how to move around and do simple things. I have the red inside text looking great, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make the outer yellow text and have it cut out to look like the text in Futurama. Can anyone give me some advise or know of any tutorials that could help me out? Please let me know! Thanks!

    also, I am running ver9 on an old 1.25GHz PowerBook

    check the Futurama text here:


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    Hi and welcome to the cafe. smile.gif

    First of all you must read the cafe rules. Then you could have read that ,"All new members have their first few posts moderated. This means that a new post or reply won't immediately show up until approved by a moderator."

    I deleted your double posts.

    Now your question,

    That is very simple to make. You need to add 1 yellow material and 2 red materials to your extrudenurbs.

    the red materials you can set to the caps.

    In the attributes manager of the 2 red material tags you can see that you have a selection option.

    In that field enter the name C1, for the 1st red material and C2 for the 2nd red material. (C stands for CAP)

    See example file.


    Rich_Art. wink.gif

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    Just playing around...


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