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How To Set Up Motion Blur


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I have a plane that breaks apart for an explosion. I'm trying to get the pieces to have motion blur but it's not working. I've attached a motion blur tag to my plane and under render settings>effects I turned on motion blur. Is there anything else I need to do to make the exploded pieces blur as they zoom by the camera? Thanks.

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Ok, so you gave the object a motion blur tag, then activated "object motion blur" in the effects window in the render settings, right?

Now just render your animation through a camera (not the editor camera). Here is a quick test I just made with motion blur strength of 100% on the tag, and in the render settings.

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Guest elfspell

Ok guys.. I experience a little problem.

I read and did all things needed to have a nice motion blur on my scene but I run into an issue... motion blur does not cooperate with DoF!

As I was watching the render progress in the picture viewer, DoF somehow "cancels" motion blur...

Any clues on what can be done?.. if it can be of course..

thanx in advance

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I don't know if this will work properly... you can try to - 1st render animation with the MB and then render a DOF sequence in tiff and then use after effects to create the DOF with compound blur.

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