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Animating Extrusions And Smooth Shifts


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hi guys! i hope u won't laugh .. this is my first post but i already know how to do a couple of basic things in c4d like simple animations involving rotation and movement thanks to 3d kiwis tutorials.. !! but while ive been experimenting with some tools in c4d i've noticed that with smooth shift and extrusions i can obtain really wicked shapes and cause im interested in animation i was wondering how to record these.. for example im starting with a simple cube, i do a keyframe on 1st frame and then i go to keyframe 20 or 30 and do a keyframe there and record a simple bevel on one of the sides and it does not animate ;-( .. please let me know how to do it .. maybe some kind of a morph script or something in mograph! and please forgive me my english im not 14yo we just dont speak it here! cheers

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Hi and welcome to the Cafe. :)

This idea was covered a while ago and as far as I can remember, recording and animation of tool operations is not possible.

However, you can use the MoGraph Extrude Object as an animated deformer.

Just add it as a child to a polygon object or selection and keyframe some of the Extrude parameters.

HTH. Cheers, Alan.

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If you have MoGraph then the extrude deformer is essentially an animatable matrix extrude except with lots more options. The clever thing is that you can use non editable primitives.

Here's a real quickie video where I've just keyframed a few parameters. The sphere hasn't been made editable. Scene file as well. Note that you need the MoGraph module.


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