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I Reuploaded My Old Resources


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I were browsing through my folders and found 2 more good files to share.

The first is a SPD rope material:

Rope material

The second is a material to make the spiral part of screws using SPD:

Screws material

I really like how these turned out. The screws one is pretty simple and the rope is a little more complex.

Enjoy and comments are welcome :D

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I did a test download now, went fine.

I did a test render for the rope. The displacement calculation took only a couple of seconds. The shadow maps took a couple more. The render itself took a minute and 9 seconds though. Keep in my i have a very old machine (intel P4 2.66 ghz, 1 gb ram, slow motherboard).

For the screws, the displacement preparation took 15 seconds (afterall, its 3 screws). The whole render took 46 seconds.

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