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Timecode Imprint Possible In C4d?


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Hi all,

I have a bunch of animation tests that that I have to write out details by hand, such as render settings, the goal of the scene, and frame numbers.

I know C4D doesn't support this as a feature (or does it?) - but I'd like to know if there's some way to do this (I've been writing the info to imprint on rendered frames using After Effects - I'd like to have this data generated at render time)...


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You can have some of that data generated during render time and have it rendered on the images\video. For example, you can add the current frame. In the view port, go to edit>configure. In the attributes manager go to the HUD tab and tick the frame checkbox. The current frame will appear in the viewport as a HUD element. You can move it by holding ctrl+draging it with the mouse.

Then go to render settings>options tab and tick the render HUD checkbox.

For adding the goal of the scene, add a string user data to any object in your scene. Set its interface to multi line string. Write your text in that user data. Then right click the user data and choose add to HUD. Right click the new HUD element>show. Tick always and render. Right click again>display. Uncheck everything.

About render settings, there is no way i know of accessing that data. Therefore, i don't think there is a way of adding it to the HUD automatically. However, you could add it using the above technique with user data. Just add more strings and write the data down. It will render in all the frames.

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I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was flogging though my render tests last week and very nearly added it to the R11 wish list topic. The number of times I wanted to get back to where I had been a few tests before doesn't bear thinking about. And before someone says it, I know about 'save incremental'. But the ability to append a data file to a render would be so handy. I ended up typing the settings into Word and adding the render. I stopped at 15.


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Thanks for the tip Terminator - that's a valuable work-around - I'll try this next...

SKP - I know - I hope MAXON comes up with someway to easily add info, such as annotations TC/frame numbers - without having to re-design the HUD elements - I often will set up a bunch of nearly identical animations (destined for batch render processing), where one rendering parameter is slightly changed - to attempt to see which parameter creates the better animation - and I do this quickly (lately I have no short-term memory :) ) - it would be nice to be able to simply tick something that would imprint frames and maybe create some kind of working log of render settings...

The guys that made Cineview told me they will have imprinting on Cineview animations on their next update - now if they just add the ability to create tiff/tga file frames (in addition to QT & AVI) - that would just about solve this...except of course, for the render-settings automatically imprinting...



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