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Problems Animating Visibility Tags

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I'm having problems animating the visibility tags. I THINK I'm doing everything correctly. But even though I get the little red dot indicating I have a keyframe, the animation doesn't apply. It turns the visibilty on and off for the whole sequence.

I am doing this for grouped objects, so when I turn the tag on/off for the object null they're grouped under, I assume it applies for all the children.

Am I missing something here? Seems like there's some quirk or detail getting in the way.

My larger goal here is to set up a bunch of crude figurines to plan my staging for an animatic. If I can duplicate the same model in three different poses and swap out the visibility it'll save me a lot of time.


PS: My system is C4D 10, Mac Dual 2.5.

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Guest Crow

I am having the same issue in the post below lol i had grouped objects as well then changed it 1 single object and it still does not animate

Trying to be patient and wait

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See my post here.

This should help.


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