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Guest ciumbia4d

Learning Content For Vrayforc4d

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Guest ciumbia4d
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  • We are pleased to introduce you our products that are present on our site www.tools4d.eu:

    - V[stages]vol.1

    The collection include 11 scenes composed by model, varius lightins setup with Phycam, Varius render settings,

    material and shaders.

    Our first products (VSTAGES), distributed by tools4d, have as target the user that start to use VrayforC4D and

    above all Vray for the first time, and that needs a simple and fast setup to understand the principles of

    illumination in VrayforC4D.

    For this we choose to include some of the scenes in both day and night setup and some Studio light setup to

    begin to render quality images as fast as possible.

    - V[tranings]vol.1

    -The vol1 is a learning overview of general usage of vray in Cinema4D.

    Al Basic feature are explaned and is a good start for know the Fundamenals techniques in lighting,

    shading and settings.

    - http://www.learning4d.it/video/sample.zip

    Our intection to release in near future some new video tutorial in some specific Vray area and

    we will announce very soon the new title.

    - V[trainings]vol.2

    -Videotutorials collections to introduce the user in Vrayforc4d world, in this volume we discover animation and others settings with vray techniques.

    -Workflow and tips for animation tools and setting tune (Antialiasing mode and GI)

    -3rd party plugins and post-processing to increase your productivity with high-quality results.

    - Little animation based on the scene included in our videotutorials

    PS. In free download area there is a little surprise


    Cristian and Franz

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    Guest Damsel
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  • They look wonderful. Thanks for the heads up!

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