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Is it possible to change the direction of the guides?

eg; I have a circular spline with hair, instead of the hair going up I want it to go out radiating from the centre.


Can I change the shape of the hair strands?


Can I randomise the angle the leave the spline a little to make them more organic.



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Guest Andoy




and Yes

1. the command is in the roots part ... look under the tab that says root under the guides tab .. there is a few alternatives in there

2. Not too sure what you mean by changing the shape to be honest... you can specify how man sides the strands have if that i what you mean..

Unfortunately right now ican't remember where that is..

3. in the hair material there is a lot of stuff to randomise the hairs.. like clump etc etc

the best thing i found was to make a torus and add hair then just have a play around and see what each command actually does..

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