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90 Frames And Beyond?

Guest AndyLight

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Guest AndyLight

Hi there

Im having a problem with C4D..

Hard to explain, but ill try anyway..

I have a animated sort of movie, in C4D.. Ive set the frames to 600, but it only plays the first 90 frames in non-rendered mode..

Havent tried the export version, but still..

Its kinda like, after the 90 frames.. they just disapear, *puff* gone..

How do I fix this? Cause its pretty annoying..

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Hi and welcome :thumbsup:

Could it be that you have a keyframe set at 90 that stops whatever is going on in your animation.

Maybe you could post the scene file for us to look at for you. Please be aware of the upload limits etc, check out the rules on uploading first sc018.gif



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Guest AndyLight

Hi.. And thx for the kind welcome..

Well.. Everything I can see is set to 600frames.. Even in the Project Settings.. (I even think I can go far beyond 90 frames in many other projects)..

I sure can upload the file, but its the tutorial with the lava lamp, 3dkiwi posted I have made.. So I really dont understand it..

Everything works fine, until the 90 frames.. Even in the export..

I also have a problem, that C4D is sort of "freezing" when I pan my view for a short time.. And then "restores" when I release the view.. Odd yes, but dunno what the problem is..

Im using Windows Vista x64 Ultimate.. And a X800GTO2 GFX.. So maybe there is a compatible problem somewhere?

Thx anyway smile.gif


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C4D doesn't run 100% on Vista. make sure to disable "Desktop composition" by right clicking on the c4d.exe file. In the preferences disable both "Smart" options. This should help but it won't solve all issues with Vista. Make sure to download the latest video drivers plus the 10.1 update. In both XP and Vista with nVidia cards you need to disable vertical synching in most cases otherwise the live selection tool has ghosting.

Hope this helps.


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