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Autodesk Purchases Evil From Satan

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Autodesk in a recent all cash deal has purchased evil from Satan for

$2.7 billion. "We've been after Satan for some time," said An Autodesk

Spokesman. "Negotiations were tough but I think both Autodesk and the

Prince of Darkness are happy with this deal."

Before the purchase, Autodesk already had 15% of the evil market, now

that number is closer to 100%. The Department of Justice has voiced

concerns over one corporation controlling so much evil, and has begun

investigations into the deal.

"We feel that there are real opportunities with evil, and that when

evil is integrated it into our next generation of graphics products

consumers will appreciate evil on their desktop," said Autodesk

Chairman. "Businesses haven't been able to fully realize their evil

potential. With evil integrated into max 2008, corporations big and

small will begin to see enhanced evil productivity."

"Evil is a real growing market," market strategist Frank Dresgan of

Merrill Lynch said today. "Autodesk is a little late in the game, but

even when they enter a market late they still tend to dominate. I think

we'll see the same with evil."

"I've been dealing with Autodesk for some time," Satan said. "I've

been at this evil thing for millions of years, and wanted a way out. I

considered an IPO, but then Autodesk came along and told me about their

"Evil Everywhere" plan and that was an offer I couldn't refuse."

Evil was founded by Satan close to the beginning of time. It has been

growing steadily ever since, although most of the growth has come in

the past five years with the development of the internet. Satan plans

to retire to a small island in the Bahamas and write a column for the

local newpaper.

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Guest Cian


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LOL roflmao.gif

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loool :)

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This is really bad news. It's just just going to drive the small time evil doers out of the market.
Psychopaths, genocidal dictators, bill gates and that little old lady that lives at the end of my street,
are all going to find it hard to find a market for their own brand of evil.
Soon their will only one big corporate evil giant. Prices of evil will skyrocket. How will we combat the good in the world? :clint_eastwood:

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Satan should have done the decent thing and made it open source..but doing the decent thing is not his style.

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LOL :lol:  good One..or should I say Bad ?

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Dang, Autodesk is out to put all those small time evil companies out of the market :)

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Open source evil?
Yes. Would it be a good thing as in a good bad thing or just a bad bad thing?
Pesonally I think it would be a bad thing, a good bad thing but a bad thing all the same.
Which would be good. That's evil talk for bad. :lol:

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>Open source evil would be nice and cheap but you know the UI would be horrible

Wouldn't that make it the "better" evil by defintion? ;)

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