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Importing To Affereffect Problem

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  • When I try to import the .aec file created by my c4d render nothing happens.

    I can see the file from AE when I import, but once I select it nothing comes up.

    I've got the latest version of the plugin, it in the plugins folder inside the cs3 ae folder.

    I'm running mac os x 10.4.10

    CS3 and R10.1

    Anyone come across this?

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  • Hmmm

    Thanks dataflow, but unfortunately none of solutions in the posts worked for me.

    I have the most up to date cs3 plugin. I've even tried opening the file in cs2.

    I did find something of on a post about cs3 storing plugin in a different folder than the usually plugins inside the app folder.

    I'll follow it up and post my findings.

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  • Okay, tried R9.6 export of .aec file opens not problem in AE7.

    .aec files exported from R10 will not open in AE7.

    The same file I opened in AE7 will not open in AE8.

    I guess it must be a bug in the mac version of 10.111, and the plugin for AE8 or I'm not holding my mouth right some how.

    Anyone running similar gear care to try it?




    OS X 10.4.10.

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