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Two Edit Viewports For An Optical Stereo Viewer?

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  • Hi,

    First time at this forum.

    Does Cinema 4D v10 have the capability to display two editing viewports simultaneously side-by-side? Not only that, I would need to have slightly different relative views of the edited object in the respective viewports. That is, have the object in one viewport slightly rotated left or right in relation to the other. It would remain rotated to that amount relative to the other viewport during all editing.

    The reason for this, assuming all the above is possible in C4D, is to view all my work in stereo 3D using a small prism binocular viewer called The Pokescope, made in the US. The view is adjustable to accommodate any sized pair. The bottom line is I would like to do this in any 3D application. I am finding that not all apps can.

    Again, assuming this is possible in C4D, can this viewport configuration and angle setup be preserved as a preset?

    Thanks much.

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    Guest Damsel

    Hello Shokan and welcome to the Cafe!! If in your viewport you go to View/Panels, you will be presented with a variety of layouts. When you get it set the way you want, then at the top go to Window/Layout/Save as Startup Layout. Hope that helps!

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    First, setup 2 cameras for the stereo view ( i guess you know how to do that, anyway, here is a helpful thread on the subject)

    Then setup the view for 2 panels like damsel said (view>panels>2 panels side by side)

    Then in each panel, go cameras>scene cameras and choose the appropriate camera.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you wish to keep your standard working layout, you can save the twin view under a seperate name.

    All views in cinema can be set to side,front ,top etc etc,so you can set anything you need. Its all in the help files

    or manuals seek and you will find. Regards Turbotoes thumb_yello.gif

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  • Wow...

    You guys made my day. And, in a hurry!

    Looks like I'll finally be able to work in stereo. Of course, the console, buttons, etc won't be in stereo since that aspect of the monitor screen won't be shifted for stereo so as to present a non-doubled image. I will have to look aside or under the viewer each time I need to click, or I'll use keyboard when I can. It's a first step towards my goal of working in stereo.

    For the fullest experience, however, I would need two screens, two C4D's, and two seperate PCs operated by one tablet (or, mouse). I will be doing this eventually, and then I would be able to view any 3D app in stereo so long as there are options to shift the angle of view in the editing viewport. And, to have the console not appear doubled in the viewer, at least in C4D, I know I will have the ability to display all control graphics at slightly different positions on the screens of the two system monitors. They will appear clearly in the viewer and would appear to float in front or in back of the viewport, depending on how I placed the panels.

    I'll get back to this forum when I get this all set up, and report results. The simple two viewports on one screen with different angles of view will be my first setup. Later, I'll try the two PC thing I also described above.

    Thanks again.

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