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Guest Miked

How Could I Improve This Render?

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Guest Miked

I've been doing cinema 4D for 2 days now and have extremely limited knowledge but wanted to know what I could do to make this render any better. I did this for my architecture university course - to show the site location. I also used a sun-light plugin called 'MG Skylight' and I'm using version 10.1 by the way.

I uploaded the image as i wasnt allowed to have it hosted at photobucket...

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Guest Cian

You need some materials, Trees, Better cars ( buy them or download free ones )

Loose the cube in the background and add a sky object.

Add a sun which should be around 160% bright ( slight yellow orange colour) with a hard shadow

Add a hemisphere area light and give it a slight blue colour which will surround your scene. Maybe 50% brightness.

Add globel illumination.

Play with these settings as every scene needs different light settings.



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