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Bhodinut Fresnel Shader

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  • I'm trying to get to grips with cinema once again, and it's been so long that I'm starting all over again from scratch.

    I am trying to texture a model, and the first material is glass.

    I'm trying to follow the MAXON tutorial but a lot of the old links are broken.

    For instance the link to a rig to help you follow the glass material tutorial doesn't work, all I get is a load of weird text, not the rig

    I've also searched for the bhodiNUT Fresnel shader to download it since I no longer have all the materials I had saved, but nothing comes up.

    I'm trying to follow this glass tut, but remembered having a terrible time understanding what the tut actually wanted you to do when adjusting the fresnel thingie, since its directions are weird like this the bit about:

    " To reproduce this effect in Cinema 4D, it is necessary to make use of the bhodiNUT Fresnel shader. In this example, the setting at the left which controls the Fresnel effect at grazing angles is set to 50% grey. The setting on the right which controls the Fresnel effect at perpendicular angles is set to 4% grey."

    And what it actually means by "the setting on the left, and 4% grey and 50% grey" - I just cannot understand since I have nothing in percentages at all on my screen.

    Someone somewhere please can you help me?


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    I don't think maxons site is such a great source for tuts.

    as was said bhodinut was integrated in version 8 or 9 i think. I recomend taking apart existing glass shaders (bundled with c4d) to see how they work.

    Also if your into rendering google for hdri tutorials. Or search the cafe here.

    I reccomend following tuts on here, c4dportal, c4d user, and if you want cinema4d.deviantart.com only a few tuts, but could be usefull.


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