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What Is Wrong With This?


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Guest shawnfoster

Looks to me like some points got connected to other points... I tries to optimize it but they weren't disconnected... you might want to just mae the shape again.. Since it was done with a lathe nurbs it should be easy enough to repeat..


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The Normals are not aligned properly plus there is a closed loop to the inside of the inner lip return.

The closing loop of polygons needs to be deleted and the Normals re-aligned.

Basically you have a loop where three polygons share common edges, which is a no-no.

Fix file below.

Cheers, Alan.

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Thanks people. Really appreciate your replies. Even though it is a very simple model and I could easily re do it I wanted to know what I was doing wrong so I wouldn't do it again, and you guys have told me. I learn so much from this site, not just with my own questions but reading the questions and answers of others :)

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