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Clunky Armor?

Guest Brother Edward

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Guest Brother Edward

Hello all!

A little about me. I've had the C4D R9 Studio bundle for 2 years, played mostly with spaceships (just for fun). When I make a starship with vaguely realistic textures & lighting I'm giddy smile.gif I've just recently upgraded to C4D R10.

So to keep this short, here are my questions:

1) Is there no full manual for C4D R10? If there is, where may I download it? (it's not in the MAXON download area).

2) Armor that clunks together. I'm working on an armored space suit. Most of the pieces are completed but one of the things I encounter is that when I pose the figure the armor pieces sometimes intersect and move through each other. I've not yet explored Mocca or the dymanics modules, could someone just point me in the general direction that I need to explore in an effort to avoid the armor moving into itself as I pose the figure? (not animating the guy - just making static images). Or is this simply something that I need to be careful with as I pose him? (which may well be the case - I've no idea!).

Thanks for your help! ~ Edward

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Hi. C4D comes with the manuals in electronic form. You have to install them as if they were languages. The installation guide on page 6 tells how. It is actually at MAXON's site under documentattion but you've got it on your installation DVD. Picture attached is what you're looking for.

Re armour. That's a tough one. I doubt you could use the dynamics module. More a case of careful posing and maybe some subtle point tweaking on the armour. I recall on some movies like "Robots" that they actually deformed some metal parts when the robots were moving. This made the movement more natural.

Hope this helps.


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Guest Brother Edward

Thanks so much 3dKiwi! I can do careful posing, and now that I know where to look for the support docs & manuals it will be a tad easier for me to look things up! lol Thanks so much! ~ Edward

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