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I think you'll find that to buy MoGraph now you'll also have to upgrade to 10.5 as well. MAXON won't sell you an old version module. Good idea to anyway since there's some excellent stuff in it especially if you're into CA.


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Ok buying mograph in the morning and will attempt Brians' solution.

Is there anything i need to know about looping the film strip, so that it forms a seamless loop around the spools.

presumably i am going to create a ribbon that is static and then a texture that fits it. (any tips on measurement for textures so that it will map correctly) then animate the texture to rotate on top of it?

i was wondering as well if you would get a nice effect if you were to create 25 cells and loop the animation over 25 frames, or just over/under would you get that flicker book effect.

thanks for all the help

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You need to create the plane object the same length as the spline to make it seamless. (Or stretch the plane out to fit with the Splinewrap object settings). You can find the length of a spline 2 ways, either with a little XPresso or select the spline and display the "Selection / Structure Information" from the Window menu. Provided your spline is not a parametric spline then the length will be displayed on the structure page.

It's then just a matter of using a Splinewrap deformer, changing the banking to 90 degrees and animating the offset. Note that you can go negative values and over 100% and you'll probably have to do this to achieve the effect that you want.


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I haven't used the Spline Wrap deformer much, so I thought I'd practice by trying 3DKiwis' method on your file.

I just tiled the same image with UVW mapping for this example, to get the full effect you describe above you'll have to use the flat mapping method or create a combined image in photoshop or similar(I think that might be quicker if you're using more than a couple of images).

The cool thing about this setup is that it's still 'live' .. you can tweak the spline if you want to make it fit the spools better (I tried adding a couple of extra points to it, a bezier might work better) and you can add more width segments to the plane to make it smoother.

To make the film move I'm just keyframing the offset property of the spline wrap object. (switch the keys to linear if you want a constant speed).

Hope this helps, at least you'll have a file to check out when you get the MoGraph Module thumb_yello.gif ..

(btw I took the textures out of this file to save bandwidth)



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