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Procedural Shaders - How Do They Work?

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Glad to see you guys find the reference useful.

Jim, I think the way it is set up with the same sphere is the best use for comparing each noise. It's really up to the user to experiment with different geometry. That's where the fun begins. wink.gif

Cheers, Alan.

Repeat after me: Path spline in TOP, profile in FRONT.

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Yes Alan - thanks - Paul's ocean shader is the best one I have - using fusion and layering - my original question was more on the line of hoe did Paul come up with that combination of parameters to create such a great shader? Was it months of experimenting or is there a general approach I'm not aware of.

I've talked to quite a few guys on the forums with this and similar questions - I'm seriously thinking of putting a dvd-book series together loaded with contributing authors - I know I'd buy them - not expensive, but in color, spiral bound so they lay flat, and a dvd loaded with lessons, tips, and video tutorials...

I just have to get the time and techniques down first - small obstacle called "reality"... haha


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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