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Help Please! Texture Mapping All Over The Place

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The geometry was imported from formz. I applied one texture map (squares) to all the polys with the "stucco" texture to see what was going on when I previously tried to apply a stucco texture. The projection for all is cubic and the x&y lengths are all 10%. The geometry is mapping it all over the place as you can see. Some questions I have:

1. Is there a way to globally change the texture tag values (like change all the x/y lengths to 20%) or projection type without having to select each and every one individually?

2. What is going on with the geometry that there is such inconsistency reading the same texture map? Is it possible to globally change a setting so that at least all the squares would read the same? Then I could adjust my texture map accordingly. Right now my only hope would be to pick one polygon as a reference and then go through each polygon and ajdust the x/y lengths until it matched...that would not be fun.

Any help/light that anyone can shed on this would really be appreciated.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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