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Architecture Edition


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NO they don't.

You can export as 3ds or obj but you don't get

the update and material options you get with the export plug in.

A few things you need if you are going to be a full time architectural illustrator.

Cad program. Archicad, Vector Works, Allplan. (If it's just hobby then no need for these.)

C4D core.

Sketch & Toon is handy.

Vray is a must for architecture if you want to be competitive



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So what you are saying is that I need C4D Architecture Edition plus the Archicad plus the Vectorworks programs.

All I want to do is import some CAD files, buying all that seems a bit excessive.

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I think Cian is saying you would need those applications if you wanted to create from scratch for professional arch viz stuff..

if you want to import CAD files, then the architectural extension comes with exchange plug ins.. these are loaded into C4D automatically when you install the extension kit but

the plug ins for Archicad etc that come with it need to be installed into the appropriate application by hand .. then that application will export into C4D

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If your importing cad files that other people have already drawn up in Archicad, Vectorwork or Allplan

then all you need is the architectural edition.

If you get 2d dwg plans from an architect or engineer which in my opinion is 90% of the time

you will need to model the building yourself either in Archicad or Vectorworks or Allplan or have

a go at it in Cinema.


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Ashley is it?

Tell me, I see on your website that you create web sites.

Im hoping to build one for my self in the future.

What do I need?

Do I need to know 01110000101000010000 mur.gif

Do I need a server of some sort?



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Yes I'm Ashley.

I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. You do need to know a bit of coding because it's not as simple as just placing things on screen as you would in any other kind of software, like Photoshop for example. And what site looks good in Internet Explorer might not look the same in anything else unless it's coded properly.

It's all a bit bizare really, I'm not sure why it really has to be that way. For example what may look good as a web page in Dreamweaver itself will look different in any other browser. It seems all software companies make browsers apply web standards in different ways, including Microsofts Internet Explorer, which is the the most popular and the worst.

But once you get the hang of it it's not so bad.

As for the server your site can be hosted by the people that provide your email, usually free as part of the service. There are lots of companies that will host a site for you.

Hope that helps in some way.


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