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Rantin Al

Tip: Content Browser - Adding Libraries

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There is a known R.10 Content Library Bug which displays apparently empty libraries. Use this method to restore full use.

** This has been fixed in R.11 and the following only applies to R.10/10.5. **

Keep the total number of libraries in the main directory to 14.

Or just keep the default libraries in the top level and add all others to the User Library.

This allows you to create a User Library plus space to add additional libraries.

To create your User Library, start with an empty scene, add a Null and use the Object Manager > File > Save Object Preset.

Open the Content Browser and you should see your User Library with sub-folders: Presets > User > Presets > Object Presets: Null Object.

Just delete the Null object from the Browser. This step is just to create the User Library.

Any time you save a Material, Object or Tag, a new relevant folder will be created in the User Library.

In the open Content Browser, drag any new library in the main Presets into your User Library.

Libraries transfered into your User Library will not show in your main directory. They are now included in the USER.lib4d file. So back up the original libraries when you download them.

The screengrabs should make things clear enough.

RED: Default Presets.

YELLOW: New User & Presets Library.

BLUE: User Library.

Edit: Off course you have realised that you should delete the top level library, once it is copied to User. :)

I have more than 30 Default, Downloaded and Custom libraries loaded with no problems using this method.

Cheers, Alan.

Repeat after me: Path spline in TOP, profile in FRONT.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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