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Zooming From Space

Guest jdworks

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Guest jdworks

Trying to create a clip that will look like one is zooming upon an object with progressively increasing magnifications.

Had seen a tute in aftereffects @ videocopilot.net where some one used static images at different levels of magnification to make a zoom in from space effect.

I have an object modeled in C4D and want to create a clip that will look like zooming in from normal vision to microscopic vision.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Should I create multiple static images with different levels of detail and use the AE technique to recreate the effect? Or should I use a single finely detailed object in C4D and render a clip that zooms in?

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Forget about rendering it with one high detail model. Just create different levels of detail and blend between them while zooming in.

You can do this in AE or C4D.



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you could use an xpresso setup to control level of detail ( especially in things like displacement maps) and use varying size textures with the distance from the object to the camera, the displacement effect is fairly smooth but obviously the material switch will be abrupt at a certain frame but if this switch is effected by a moving camera then it would not be too obvuious

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