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Guest AlanBell

Projection Man Workflow Example?

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Guest AlanBell

Anyone try to follow the Projection Man work flow example in the help file?

Either I'm just plan slow or it doesn't work the way it's shown in the help file . Frankly I am a bit surprised there is nothing in the documentation that shows how to actually use the program as it is described in the version 11 new example at Cinevesity.

The program comes with a very simple tutorial showing a basic camera push in. But the work flow and the big promise of Projection Man is all about combining multiple camera projection angles to avoid texturing anything but the polygons that show on the camera, Ie combining multiple camera projections so you can not only push in but rotate your camera or move it laterally.

Just wondering if anyone else is having difficulty and if not perhaps you could share your findings, because I am stumped.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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