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Projection Man Workflow Example?

Guest AlanBell

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Guest AlanBell

I noticed that the alpha does work if you set it to layer alpha but you need to be careful when you are painting that you don't paint over this area (as far as I can tell). On the other hand I am having a heck of a time when I try to add more objects.

Clearly MAXON needs to work on the documentation and clarify the work flow here.

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Guest AlanBell

Actually scratch that it's not working. I just turned off stack materials in the view port and noticed it's not using both mats. I'm tired and running in circles.

Good night.

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Is this the theory on how Projection Mapping is done?

Set up 3 cameras, facing simple geometry that is textured with 3 different parts of a matte painting. The camera move is actually one camera's view morphing into the next camera just before the seams of that particular projection appear.

The end result is the appearance of 1 camera making a 3 dimensional move - even though it's actually 3 cameras and 3 versions of the 2D image.

If I get the basic theory down, I've got a better chance at using Projection Man as it was meant to be used.


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My understanding is you start with say a digital photo or a painting that an artist has done. You use Camera mapping to project this image on to some foreground objects in the scene. The idea being that you can do limited camera moves to give the illusion that the photo or image is all actual 3D geometry.

So you start with a camera and use this to project the image from. Your animated camera starts from the same or almost the position as this camera. As the animated camera moves the image projected from the first camera becomes distorted or broken up. So here you create another camera and do another projection. What Projection man allows you do is coverage renders that allow you patch up these imperfections in Photoshop (or BP) using clone tools etc. The clever bit is Projection man creates the alpha channels for you and organises the objects that the camera projection is coming from. Something like that anyway. You can do Camera Projection without having to use Projection Man. Projection Man just makes it easier to manage lots of objects and the images applied to those objects.

Camera projection for anyone one wondering is the same as frontal projection except the the material doesn't constantly update and aim at the current point of view (unless the projection camera is animated). You can also alter the aspect ratio of the image being projected.


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Guest dataflow

my understanding of it is that is.

basically a camera mapping module that lets you modify the projection/image inside of c4d plus easily go from PS and/or BP (to modify the image/texture)

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Guest deepshade

I'm hanging off until Cineversity gets some tutorials up and running on it.


I think MAXON should release a comprehensive guide to this feature. If you guys are struggling it means the current documentation is lacking.

.2e Paul

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