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  • Greetings Folks

    It's been awhile since I posted. I was getting frustrated with my Jurassic machine ( it was pushing 7 years ) so I took a break. I'm now the proud owner of a Mac Pro 8 core 2.8. But that cleaned me out and I'm still working with 9.1. Question for Mac men ( and women). Is there an option to control the zoom with the scroll wheel on the the mouse. It works fine the the R11 demo but no worky with R9.1. The OS is 10.5.4. I've read there might be problems with the newer OS and that Tiger is more stable. But right now I've only got Panther in the house. Thanks for your time and attention. Hope to be back up in the fold soon. Cheers

    Update: Fiddled around and found out that the R9.1 doesn't like the new Mac mouse. Switched them out and the scroll wheel zoom works fine with the old mouse. I'll post some cinebench results soon. Early renders with the R11 demo look pretty impressive.

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