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Light Streaks

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Project file and final render uploaded.

A good thing to note is this should really only be used for stills. I haven't had much making it animate properly. If and of you find a way to make it less snake like while animating let me know. :)

Granted this isn't 100% accurate to what I was originally trying to do, but the end result is still good IMO.


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There is a great set of tutorials over at creative cow by Mylenium that cover this. One specifically where he recreates the Ipod Nano commercial using the MoGraph tracer and another where he just goes through the basics of using the tracer object itself.


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Looking at the file... I'm a novice with Mograph and don't use the tracer. Why is it there when it follows the spline to make a path which is used for a sweep Nurbs? Couldn't the spline go straight under the sweep? The shader is spot on BTW spoton.gif

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Thanks for the compliments. :)

I guess you could use the sweep alone. The reason I set it up with the tracer was for a possible export to AE with particular and I was trying to make this animate as a light trail.

It ended up looking like pulled sugar/taffy. :(

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