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Light Streaks

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I'm not exactly sure, since I haven't tried this myself yet, but you could think about using splines to animate the movement, lights as emitters for particular,

and mulitpassing a vector motion map for ReelSmart Motion Blur. This would of course require you to have RSMB, but it's not terribly expensive and you can get away with noticeably shorter render times.

Also, you can precomp a lot of rsmb layers to control the length/opacity over life.

I forgot to mention, I meant only using particular to kind of fatten your shading, not as an effect in itself, since it sort of lacks the resolution. smile.gif

Again, not sure if this helps, but anyway.

Knuckles up,


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Guest donbandit


Hi tbcinteractive, would it be possible to get hold of the file you used to create these light streaks? >>> http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=74286

We are having issues creating effective streaks > It seems you have found a great solution! looks class!

Does anyone else know of a decent tutorial other than the ipod one that creates more fluid and organic light streaks?

attached is what i have so far (a screen grab of a 3 second animation)>

the main issue is a 3 second animation took 21 hours to render on a 3ghz 8 core machine... seems a little crazy

Any help would be great!

post-89702-097614800 1278067426_thumb.pn

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Guest MandyMota

Project file and final render uploaded.

A good thing to note is this should really only be used for stills. I haven't had much making it animate properly. If and of you find a way to make it less snake like while animating let me know. :)

Granted this isn't 100% accurate to what I was originally trying to do, but the end result is still good IMO.

Hi I am trying to create something like this and wondered if your project file is still available to download, liking your stuff

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