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Light Streaks

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I'm trying to recreate the effect in this image of light streaks. I would normally go the route of using trapcode particular but I need to export stills at high res. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get started in C4D or where there are resources other then creative cow? Thanks!


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A Mograph Tracer object would be the fastest way to get this effect I believe. You could also use a sweep nurbs object if you don't have Mograph.

Please update your profile to list your version of Cinema and any modules you have, this makes it easier for others to help you.



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Awesome. Thanks everyone! :)

I uploaded something I just worked on. It's a little closer to what I'm trying to do but I'm having a hard time getting the streaks to be shorter in length and display properly. They keep vanishing when I set the start and end growth any more than 30% difference.


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