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Need Some Pyrocluster Help

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Im trying to use pyrocluster for the exhaust on my shuttle, and what I want to achieve doesnt seem to be possible with the current PC controls, unless im missing the attribute somewhere.

The exhaust exiting the boosters should be a bright (non shadowed) fiery material, (shown in shot 1). And then right after it exits the nozzle, it quickly turns to a grayish colored (shadowed) smoke.(shown in shot 2). However it doesnt appear to be possible to get a bright illuminated material to fade to a darker smoke material using PC.

Ive also attached a real life shot of a launch showing what im trying to do.

If this is not possible with PC, then ill have to find another way. Ive searched around, but havent found anything related to this "fading" from bright to shadowed effect.

Any ideas or suggestions?






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Guest scorn

Could you not put some bright red coloured light objects just under the boosters to illuminate the smoke, just a guess, but may work.

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You can make the pyroclusters change color with age under the age effects tab. The last one, color, is where you put the white and grey and the one above controls the color mix over life.

This may be one to render both ways and combine in post though.

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Yeah, ive been playing around with the different sliders, but havent been able to get the right results. I was hoping this could be done within C4D instead of having to do it in post.

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You need to adjust the luminance of the material over age do you not?


EDIT: I was right, but Cinema crashed on me and I didn't save the file. In any case, it's all in the age parameters (or you could use distance if you wanted too). The luminance will give you the change from fires to smoke you are after, and the colour mix will give you the shift from yellow to red to grey.

And you can prob correct it in photoshop, but be careful with your blacks in the pyrocluster. The blacks in the smokey sections are too light compared with your actual shuttle. Take some of the self illumination out.

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Ok, part of the problem was that my sliders for the luminance needed to be pushed down further and basically the color pickers sitting on top of each other. Now it seems to be working better.... however I need the bottom "smoke" area to be shadowed. If I add shadows, then the top gets them as well and loses the overall luminance. Im guessing theres no way to control where the shadowing starts and stops.

This is what ive got so far.


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I would try a different type of illumination or at least check back the parameters of the bump illumination to soften it out a bit.

I will try another setup and hopefully remember to save the scene in case it crashes on me again.


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This is the kind of thing you are after...

The actual smoke section needs further work to make it more dense, etc... but this is what I have so far.


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I think a lot of the really fancy setups have multiple emitters for all the different elements.


EDIT: This is getting closer. It's tricky finding just the right settings for the extra smoke. It might not be possible to actually get the right setup using just the one emitter...

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