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Guest Sycosplat

Skin Realism

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Guest Sycosplat


I know this topic has been discussed to death already, but I just can't get it right.

After many unsuccessful trials and tutorials, I'm close to giving up.

I took the preset head model from Zbrush and I started painting.

So I took that to Cinema 4D and started experimenting.

1) The first problem I seem to be having is blurry texture. I can't figure out how to export a higher resolution from Zbrush, since it always gives me a 1024x1024 map.

I tried fixing this problem by taking the mesh into C4D and creating a larger UV map (not sure if this would have made a difference) but that didn't work either. It still gave me 1024x1024.

2) Skin detailing also got me facepalming. As the screenshot shows inside Zbrush, is that the skin is very detailed, but I can't seem to transfer that detail to C4D with a bumpmap or displacement without screwing up the rest of the mesh.

3) SSS. One of the screen shows the render with SSS and the other without. Now both of them are very unrealistic.

I would very much appreciate any help in regards to how I can improve the realism of skin texturing and rendering.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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