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'shoal' Of Clones Forms Shape Of Object?

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I am looking to create a scene using mograph where a bunch of clones (e.g. cubes) are moving along a spline (in a fashion similar to a shoal of fish, i.e. not uniform, more organic) before suddenly taking on the form of another object (initially a simple light bulb).

I'm struggling on which effectors to use for this - am guessing at the spline effector and the volume effector but can't seem to get this happenning for me.

Does anyone have a simple scene they could share where a bunch of clones move in a 'shoal' before forming the shape of a basic object so I can see how to get started?

Any help appreciated,



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This is a very simple version that hopefully might give you some ideas...think the easiest way to morph the shoal from one shape to another is to use a inheritance effector in Direct mode with Morph Motion Object checked....the effector is targeting a matrix object which is set on object mode with the target object being the cylinder.

As i say its a basic version,i put a random effector on the cloner+matrix to give a little motion but this could be done much better....and just a simple align to spline tag for movement of the 'shoal'

You might want to look into rigging the cylinder'shoal' object with splineIK and spring constraints this way you control the motion and get some a bit more organic

Play with the inheritance effector strength slider...to make it morph.



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That looks great - thanks loads - going to take some time to play with it now.

One quick question - how do make those sliders appear in the viewport? Very handy :)

Thanks again!

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right click on the attribute you want to add to the viewport then choose Add to HUD

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