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Using Veneer Wood Patterns

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Guest customone

Hello all,

I am an architectural woodworker and i design furniture as well as other products. our furniture is primarily veneered and highly decorative in nature. we haven't chosen a software as of yet but am leaning toward cinema 4d as opposed to modo. Haven't a clue how to use either one but i'm a fast learner..

so... my question is to you master 3d folks is ,can cinema 4d design highly decorative furniture? can i add my veneer textures to surfaces? will i be able to add high gloss finishes to the finished product. i've attached a photo of what i'm talking about. the picture is a veneer lay up designated to be a 4 foot round table. Actually i've added several lay ups .

also ... if anyone is looking for wood grain textures which are highly decorative and can use them in your drawing please fell free to ask.

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Hi and welcome :)

can cinema 4d design highly decorative furniture?

Yes but so can other 3D apps. It's more down to user skill and talent. We had a dining suite challenge here last year. Check out the 3 winning images here done by cafe members.

can i add my veneer textures to surfaces?

Yes. Dead easy. Here's a 30 second table with one of your images applied. We have tutorials here showing you how to apply images as textures to objects.

Hope this helps. Although I also use modo I would strongly urge you to go with C4D. It's a lot easier to learn than modo. modo is a powerful modeller but best suited to people with a few years experience under their belt.


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Guest customone

All i can say is WOW........ you put that table together is 30 seconds? would of taken me all day.

yes , I am aware of other 3d apps and am currently using ashalr velllum cobalt. it's adequate. but lacks rendering quality.

How would i find those texture tutorials? Also thanks for the heads up on modo.

thanks again 3dkiwi

p:s if you get bored you can always make more tables. who knows i might bring it to life.

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thought I would share a few tests I have done. Not really furniture as more architectural details.

And I havnt spent very long on the textures but they still come out nice.

I think C4d would be great for what you want, I cant recommend MoGraph enough.





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Guest customone

Exceptional work. The round rosette looks real. As does the egg and dart molding. top notch

thanks for the suggestion on the Mograph. can this module enhance the woodwork aspect of using cinema 4d?

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Guest customone

even at two minutes your a genius.

what takes you two minutes on the computer takes me months in the shop. you can see from the attached photos what i want the cinema 4d for. if i can draw these up in 3d then i can just change out the veneer textures to suit another clients needs.

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mmmmm, hard to say if you need mograph for those. I would still get it, the cloner tool helps lots. ie you only have to build a small section of a table then clone it to make up the whole table. Kind of like a lathe that uses copy and paste rather than revolve.

For example check out this link http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?showtopic=43590&hl=

I was tiring to build it using all the standard tools, getting no where till good old 3d Kiwi showed me the error of my ways. It was much easier with mograph, dont think I would have ever gotten it otherwise.

Looking at those photos, if I wanted to change out the tops I would just use photoshop. Or are you designing them in 3-d before making them? In which case are you using CNC? Then I am very interested!


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Guest customone

do you mean CNC machines? if so yes Weeke to be exact.

yes i draw them first in 3d the apply textures. i may switch out certain details on a particular table. lets say if the base is aluminum as in one of my photos i may want to change it to polished stainless steel or matt chrome.being able to change veneers and metal finishes on the fly is why I am interested in cinema 4d. as well as it's modeling capabilities. also adding photo quality scenes and back rounds.

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Do you take the cinema files through to cutting? or do you have to rebuild convert them in/to software that comes with the router?

I am interested in the 3D files into wood CNC world, but there is not many people doing it here.

That is what most of those test I posted were for... till my enthusiasm died in the "to hard and to expensive" bin.


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