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Cinema 4d Text Splines


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Sorry, I can't give any Leper advice. I'm running Tiger.

Are there any other additional fonts installed or is it just the system intalled?

If extras, where have you put them? As far as I can remember, they should go in a user additional font set folder and not in the System folder.

There is always the possibility that fonts are corrupt.

Try running the Permissions Repair through Disk Utility.

Get Maintenance 3.8 and manually run the periodic scripts.

Try that lot. :)

Sun's up, time for head down.


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If you have the extra fonts installed in the System, I'd be inclined to clear them out and reload the default font folder.

Pacifist from CharlesSoft will let you extract the System Font set from the Leopard installer disk. It's a bit off faffing around with starting from the DVD and replacing the font folder but easier than a full clean OS install.

Put extra fonts in your Users/~/ Library/ Fonts folder or maybe Font Collections.

Cheers, Alan.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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