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How to export video sequence?

Guest tdotae

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Hello guys.

i have a logo animation that im working on!. could someone tell me how to export it from Cinema 4d as a VIDEO file? quicktime movie or whatever would give the best quality?


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Jesse said exactly what you need to do to have the movie saved out. Make sure that you also go to the Output tab in the Render Settings and change the Frame Range to the length of your animation.

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Best quality and most flexibility would come from rendering out uncompressed image sequences, rather than going straight into an encapsulated movie file, especially if you want to carry out any post processing and/or publish the movie in different formats (say for DVD or Web). You would then need to take the sequence(s) into an editing/compositing application, do whatever post work you wanted, and finally render out your finished movie file, using whatever encoding was suited to the delivery format(s).


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OK. but how does rendering out an image sequence save the keyframes and make a video out of it? Like in render settings i do what preset? Film/Video-HDTV 1080? and then in output keep the format as a TIFF PSD file? but then what happens to changing the frame range ? its not going to export as just one single image?

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When you're rendering out the video as an image sequence, you don't have to worry about the keyframes. Once you select the frame range, and how you'd like to save off each individual frame (JPG, TIFF, TGA, etc, etc), it will save all those images down into the directory you tell it to.

On the 'Save' tab within the render settings, in the 'File' field, that's where you can tell Cinema where to save your images.

And you can use any preset you want in the output tab. Just make sure you change the frame range accordingly.

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For example, if you decide to save the image sequence as "Animation.tif," it will render the frames out like this: Animation0001.tif, Animation0002.tif ... and so on.

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ok, but thats not what a video is... a video is ONE complete file. if i do an image sequence and it givees me 90 pictures fro every frame i have... thats not a playable video...

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Guest dataflow

you need a video editing app like AE.

you could also use quicktime to save the image seq as video.

there are many reasons to render out as image seq.

couple have already been mentioned.

another reason is so in case something happens during rendering eg.. computer turns off (power outage) then you can just start from the last frame rendered instead of rendering from the start again

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