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Hi Guys , you know i have create Thrausi plugin and Xbreaker script

now i create new plugins

so here is the first call History i work to this now

with this plugin you can repeat everithing you did on model

for now work only extrude ,extrude iner , and bevel work but next i creat for all tools :)

my site :HomePage

Here a review how looks like


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Amazing looking plugin Nitro, It's going to save everyone so much time, and speed everything up. You could make a lot of money off this plugin. When is it going to be available for for us to get?


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thanks you TheJimReaper

this is test the interface change and have alot more

you can save load repeat time

auto mode so not need every time click add and

scale mode and more.. i working now to this :)

i am not realy sure when avalable

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Well done. C4D needs some like this. modo has a macro recorder and after using that I really want something similar in C4D.


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Wow this is amazing, you make plugins that really make sense for the next step in cinema development. I hope for their sake they pay attention to user generated stuff like this.

On a sidenote, the name History made me think it was an easier way of UNdoing things. Awesome stuff nonetheless!

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Yes i know cinema4d must have this moduler for self

so i create this to create fast work and easy

all my plugin i create


Thrausi and Xbreaker script -> Create Very easy destruction effects

EasyCloth -> Create Very Easy Cloth,belt,tear,wind,mode cloth

Weihtpaintloop -> Make Very Easy Weight bone with loop

History also i create to this to create you only mode tool not yet finish this

i try make very simple cinema4d with all this my plugins for all :) cinema4d is best !!!!

By the way coming more plugins ....


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wow that is great... Thanks for this one Nitroman....


Rich_Art. :)

PS: I've made a post om this plugin on my site as well.


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Thanks you Rich_Art :)


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Absolutely great,and it is all coming from a person who plays around with python just for few weeks...

This macro recorder looks absolutely awesome - it can save a ton of work while modeling - make it play with all modeling tools and you have a winner :)

And we wanted something like this for long long time from MAXON...

Nitro when will you release that history plugin? - I am your first customer.

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I downloaded/donated Thrausi and thought it was great - but this Cloth plugin is even better (IMO).

Hi Nitroman, thankyou for developing these wonderful plugins, can't wait until Cloth is released.

If I think loudly enough, you might even be inspired to develop a fluids, fire or smoke plugin.

Please put a price on your plugins - donations don't do justice to what you are producing here.

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