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Thanks you guys !!!

Yes dataflow

you can use this if you check auto size find automatic the same values ;)

look this video example i make different size

i make new feature :)

History now you can select polygon and deselect make more powerful !!!

here in action i make very simple stairs for fun :)

i hope you like !!

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thanks you dataflow so now understand you can use history in any size polygon have if use Auto Size or you can make scale size by move precent bar

for beta test i think about if i need i tell you thanks you ;)

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Awesome looking tool....simple in concept but powerful in execution.

Any thought to adding an iterate function? I noticed from the video that after you have created your stack of commands, you have to hit the "Repeat" button each time you want the stack to execute. Rather tedious, particularly when making stairs. So any thought of adding (in addition to a single repeat function) an iterate function with input for the number of times (or iterations) you want the command stack to be executed. For example, once you have built your command stack for making the first stair step, rather than hit "Repeat" 13 times to create a staircase, just input 13 and hit "Iterate".

Whenever I see something like this, I keep wondering if there is a potential to use it to make a 3D equivalent to 2D fractal images. The "iterate" function may make this possible but you also need an error check to prevent you from making geometry that is either too small or too large for C4D to handle. For example, next to the number of iterations you would need two dialogue boxes along the lines of:

Stop iterations once any edge becomes:

Less than: 0.02 units in size

Greater than: 2000 units in size

Just a thought....great little plugin though.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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