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R12 Dynamics


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As usual first impressions are great, a few cubes and spheres..wow. But when i start trying something more involved the shine goes off. Take a fairly simple scene of 2500 capsules falling into a lathe vase. 2500 is nowhere near a huge amount but R12 dynamics is working at 25 % CPU usage on a quad with HT On. It takes around 6 secs a frame whilst silverbullet takes around a 10 frames a second. R12 dynamics causes a c4d not responding message to flash on the top bar at every simulation frame.

This does not look too good for advanced dynamic simulations with say many more objects. Why is this ? both silverbullet and c4d dynamics are using the bullet dynamics solver

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Thank i can do, but do you doubt that c4d dynamics is 60 times slower than silver bullet in this case ? It is a simple scene of 2500 capsules falling into a lathed spline, try it and see if it my settings ( defualt) lathe is set as a static mesh, but even without any collider just the capsules are very slow to calculate. Whther the capsules are under a cloner or the cloner is made editable makes no difference

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Here you go, simple scene no tags. Hey don't get me wrong R12 doe look great and the dynamics seem to have a lot of goodies. I just fear that has been the case in the past the results for basic test scene do not compare with the results when doing complex, more real world things. It is as if the devlopers create the base functionality using a few cubes and cylinders, see that it works but do not have the time to try things out on heavier situations that the end users will be using. I hope i am wrong and i just have not set it up right

The forum won't accept a rar, and the raw file is too big !!


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