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R12 Dynamics


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Not an issue at all, runs at normal speed as if I'd had nothing in the scene at all and hit the play button. You need to make sure your gfxcard drivers are up to date. My boss said he had to do it at home to be able to use more complex dynamics. After the driver update, it worked seamlessly.

Is there a reason you had them collapsed into a null as opposed to a cloner? We put them in a cloner, put a tag on it, and they all fell in the vase without issue, it did get a LITTLE slow at the end, but nothing even close to what you were saying.

I noticed they seemed to have fixed the settling issue with dynamics where once something was settling it would constantly jitter, that's a nice change. Furthermore, why are you quoting CPU usage? This is gfxcard work.

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Glad you got it working but i would be interested to hear how others get on. It may well be my graphics card but it is not gfx work it is 99% CPU with only 1% graphics rendering. If i bake the cache that is pure cpu and still takes and age to do each frame

I tried it as a single capsule in a cloner and still had the issues that is why i made the clomer editable to test that way

Sorry i don't mean to doubt your results ( but i have some trouble seeing it is a graphics issue, are you using all 2500 capsules ?), just maybe your interpretation, If MAXON have the dynamics running on a GPU then that is one mega new feature that they have told no one about

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Go to your preferences>OpenGL tab and change it to software instead of OpenGL and see if that makes a difference. If it does, it would have to be your card or drivers. Our processors probably aren't that much better than your own, if at all, so the major difference would be the gfx card and we're running Quadro fx5800. My boss runs an ATI 4850 at home and he had same issue till he updated drivers. It may not fix your problem, but it's a start at troubleshooting.

And this is the demo we tested it on, our box doesn't come in till Thursday.

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There is no option to use software in the demo, just open gl on or off, which i assume is what you mean, I have the letest drivers for my card. Thing is if it is graphics related then baking should run with no problems yet i still get the issue. Could you FEDEX your card to me so i can test

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Haha, yea Paul I'll get right on that just make sure you get it back to me before Tuesday!

Ok yea, turn it off, I accidentally looked at 11.5 when I said that. But yea even baking the dynamics can still give you issues if drivers aren't updated for OpenGL 3.1. Wasn't saying it would definitely fix your problem, just saying it fixed ours and hopefully would help with yours ;). Sorry it didn't and I hope you figure it out. When you do let us all know what it was so others can tackle that issue as well.

By the way, when we baked the dynamics on your scene it had flawless playback. I'm really interested to know why you're having those probs.

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I may have found the issue, my scene scale in R11 is meters and when i open in R12 it is in metres but default R12 is cm. Setting the dynamics scale to 100 m really speeds it up though collision settings will need to be adjusted

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Yes a bit odd, the problem i am now having is when the jar fills instead of the pills simply flowing over there seems to be a build up of pressure inside the jar and they explode out. I can ease it by adjusting sim setiings but it is far more tricky than silverbullet which does a near perfect sim "out of the box" I will put a R12 render up soon

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OK i was definitely the scale setting but still R12 dynamics is very tricky to get accurate results, i manged the scene below after a lot of tweaking but still there is some jitter ( some may be AA but i think it is mainly sim stuff) one capsule goes a bit ape$hit and decides to leave the party very early. The GI seems quite stable on a cached sim. For this ism i removed the vast majority of the capsules as i was really testing then for capacity handling but still the thing is memory hungry and for this sim i would say you need at least 4 GB RAM

What is annoying about all sim programs is often you have to raise the substeps to get correct collision detection but the high SS can use the Ape$hit effect with objects flying in to the void. Getting that happy medium between good calculations and substeps if often quite hard. Silverbullet does a better sim far more easily but overall i like the look of the whole R12 package, springs connectors motors etc, I will have to stress test them to see how viable they are in real scene sims


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I feel a Dynamics Cafe Challenge coming on :)

I've just been fooling around with Dynamics this afternoon and will post a simple animation once it's finished rendering. It's so much fun to play with.

Nigel / 3DKiwi

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