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R12 Dynamics


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Note by default dynamics objects have their linear and angular damping set to zero. It may be better to set these to something like 8-10 to get some realistic drag, note this is not friction on an object to object level

Also the resting ( stop jiterring) is controled in the scene dynamics settings with "restitution lifetime for resting contact" - what a load of techno babble !! This sets when the inbult jitter dies off. i assume the objects the pass to an inactive sleep state with an awake on collision effect

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Linear and angular dampening can freeze objects in mid air even with gravity. I think of it more like a universal friction for the objects. If the friction is to high it will not move.

To stop the jitter I would up the Linear/Angular Velocity Threshold or up the Maximum solver iterations per step under Ctrl+D or change the collusion shape from Automatic to moving mesh or all three.

Edit: By the way very cool animation and render. Is that Vray?

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If you mean mine, no it is Sky sampler GI. Done in demo but enlarged and saved images out to avi in R11, hence the poor detail

Another point worth mentioning, if you are working with very small objects like pills don't bother tearing your hair out using real world scales like a 4 cm capsule. It is just to much hassle to get the sim to work. The dynamics seem to work much smoother with default scales so try a default sized capsule and build the rest of the scene based on that scale. Collision detection is far better.

If I can I think i will change the title of this thread and loose the slow !!

Also if you create a box with thickness and no lid ( a tray !!) and drop capsules into it you make be put off by the viewport showing the capsules pushing through the sides. I see this when i have my VP set to hidden lines and wireframe. But render the view and there are no intersections. To get a clean view switch from wireframe to isoparms

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Got to admit it, this dynamics implementation is pretty cool. If I had this, I would never get any work done!

How about this. I thought I would give it a challenge. A bike! I made a frame and 2 wheels. Applied dynamics. Pressed play. It fell to the ground then fell over. As expected. Put a motor on the back wheel. Not much better. However I experimented a bit with the motor speed and torque. Also, I had used toroids for wheels, so I experimented with the pipe radius.

Bugger me, but I found a setting where it dropped to the floor, wheelied a bit, the front wheel hit the ground, it wobbled then shot off, BALANCED, weaving slightly like a real bike. If you have too much torque or motor speed, it crashes like a real bike too.

I am impressed.

I'd save the file if I could.

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