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Since, this is a general dynamics thread, I would like to ask if anyone knows how to attach a few points of a soft bodies to another polygon object? Like if I wanted to attach 4 points of a flat flag made of a soft bodies to a pole and wave it around. With cloth this can be done with the belt tag, but I haven't found anything like that for softbodies.

try the "Connector" in the "Simulation" menu

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OK this is a rework of the scene to see if i could get rid of the shimmering, one of my forum members kindly rendered this for me at 800x450 to make sure it was not my upscaling that did this. The shimmering has gone though there is some issue with the floor in the distance. This is not due to the codec i used in r11.5 (xvid) to render the animation as it is there in the stills. An AA issue I think

Now i did some other tests to make sure it was not the Sky GI causing the shimmering, i think it definitely was the VMB as reflections are not blurred with VMB. This time i used IR+QMC 1 bounce and the "pills" are set to have no GI as they are lit by reflections. Some AO on the floor helps to "ground" them.

I redid the sim scene scale as per my earlier posts and the sim is stable and the GI is flicker free ( what there is of it). This apparently rendered out at about 3 frames a minute on an I7 920 at 4.0 Ghz with 6 GB RAM


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Yes horizons have always been an issue with c4d. I will work on some AA tests to see what can be done but htis does not seem to be the usual distance moiree it seems to be jumping

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I've dropped a number of small spheres inside a large sphere using Dynamics and sealed the large sphere. Can anyone tell me how I now delete all the frames up to this point in time. As in Simulation mode Functions -> Delete Frames... is not enabled.

Thank you.

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try the "Connector" in the "Simulation" menu

The connector works great for connecting to the center of objects or a single point. Connecting to a single softbodies point does not work so well. The softbodies starts to go crazy. Try it yourself and you will see how hard it is to do. I want to connect to many points to make a waving flag using soft bodies. Is there a way to do this?

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